Okay, so God’s goodness is tough sometimes. In my opinion, it’s because it’s not a feeling. It’s a fact. It’s who He is. God is Good.  And, in case we needed to revisit this issue, I’m all about the feelings.

Feelings are sometimes (a lot of times) what makes foster care so difficult. You cannot interact, let alone live, with children and not have emotions involved. They’re cute, they’re funny, they’re annoying, they’re so lovable, and they hurt.

So. We have the fact (eyeroll) of God’s goodness, and we have many, many, many hurting, broken children that have lived in a reality of hell.

Needless to say, I need something to connect the dots. How does the empathy, and #allthefeels, match up with the goodness of God? It looks pretty dim some days. It’s hard to admit as a Christian but it feels like most days I have to say “God, I know You’re good. but when will I FEEL it? When will my kids feel it? When will my grief stricken friends and family feel it?”

And then God does His thing.

He reminds me that it’s not a feeling. It may rarely ever be a positive emotional fact. But it’s still a fact. He holds the world in His hands. Nothing is hidden from Him. He knows it all. He makes it all happen.

He tells me in a variety of ways that He equipped me to love His people – practical or impractical. My job is to do the loving -regardless of the feeling of His goodness. Because while His goodness is constant, so is His love. This is my favorite part. Because you can FEEL His love.


So there may not be a connection between His goodness: the fact and His love: the feeling. But will that affect MY love?

I will love, love, love with this heart You’ve made for You’ve been good always.”


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