We would love to come and speak to your church, group, or event. We can share about a variety of topics from our experiences with foster care and adoption and our knowledge of how trauma affects children.

We are passionate about all parts of foster care adoption. We feel strongly about supporting foster and adoptive parents, biological parents, and children who have experienced trauma. We feel that our unique experience and education can be beneficial to those at any point of the foster or adoptive journey.

Ministry Coaching

I am passionate about the Church’s role in the lives of foster and adoptive families. I believe that the Church has the resources and responsibility to make a difference in the lives of children and families.

I love working with church’s to develop and grow ministries aimed at serving foster and adoptive families. I’ve grown the foster care ministry at my home church from scratch and have consulted with many other churches as they seek ways to live out James 1:27 in their church and community

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