This is Us


We are Jonathon and Heidi Sampson. Together with our puppy Phoebe Jane and 2 boys, Devin and Trevor, we live in Clinton, South Carolina. We were married in July 2012 and lived in Michigan for 2 years. We worked as a teacher and a paramedic but felt God’s call to something more. In a whirlwind of 2 months, we applied, interviewed, and moved to the position of Family Teachers at Thornwell Home for Children here in the South. We were so blessed to have over 70 children come through our doors there. After finding 2 precious kids to call our very own, we stepped down as group home parents and adopted them!

We feel our purpose is to bring God’s Kingdom into our home through consistent love and grace towards our foster kids and each other. We hope you join us on this journey to be intentional about the lessons God is teaching us through our unconventional life. It is truly a circus!


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