November 2, 2017 – Adoption Day!

Jonathon and Heidi Sampson were married in July of 2012, and after working in EMS for many years, they felt God’s calling to work with foster and adoptive children. They moved from Port Huron, Michigan to Clinton, South Carolina to work in a residential group home, Thornwell. Over 60 children came through their home during the Sampson’s ministry at Thornwell. Finally, two sweet boys captured their hearts and became forever Sampson’s on November 2, 2017. (pictured above)

The Sampson’s currently reside in Clinton and have been involved in jump starting a foster care ministry in their church. Jonathon works as a Foster Care Recruiter for Thornwell, educating families on how they can become foster parents. After a few years as a science teacher, Heidi is a stay-at-home mom. Due to the needs of their kids, they are homeschooling presently. Jonathon and Heidi have been part of advocating for more foster and adoptive homes, teaching others what it means to foster and adopt, and recently became kinship caregivers. They blog about their ministries, and Heidi has co-authored a book set to release this fall.

Are you a church or organization wanting to promote Foster Care and Adoption? Do you have employees, relatives, church members, or friends that need education on interacting with kids who’ve lived in hard places? Is your immediate family interested in fostering or adopting a child? Do you need ideas of how to present opportunities to help kids in the care of Social Services? We can help! We would love to write materials, address an audience, video conference a training, or anything else that advocates and educates others on caring for foster/adoptive children!

We feel our purpose is to bring God’s Kingdom into our home through consistent love and grace towards our foster kids and each other. We hope you join us on this journey to be intentional about the lessons God is teaching us through our unconventional life. It is truly a circus!

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