Mother’s Day. It’s wonderful little day to celebrate mothers and all that they do. But today, this mother’s day, as many other years have been spent, was filled with service and sacrifice. I don’t think I sacrifice too much for my kids. I need a lot of help. Always.

But this isn’t the service and sacrifice I’m talking about.

Recently, we have had the privilege to come alongside a family in need, a brave Mama working to keep her kids safe. It’s altered what our life looks like for now. Sometimes it’s fun and sometimes it’s not. There are moments when we think this is wonderful and we’re capable, but many other scenarios we encounter that make us believe otherwise. So as we help parent and care for sweet littles, it brings some emotions on a day that is defined by a mother’s ability. It was a beautiful thing to have this Mama come with us to worship Jesus today. In my mind it didn’t look as beautiful though, bringing a whole gaggle of people and children to a small church. But there we were.

And then, as per usual, God just shows up. I think 90% of my blog posts are inspired by music, and this one is consistent with the theme. We sang “Mercy” by Bethel Music. (Linked below)

In the midst of kids moving and whispering too loudly and needing to use the bathroom and everything kids HAVE to do the second you’re sitting in church, and during this time in our life of following Jesus day by day and figuring out what He wants from us in this circumstance we’ve found ourselves in, and right smack dab in the middle of doubt and tears and trusting and loneliness – all of this is happening around us as we sing this song: Love, fear cannot be found in You, and there will never be a day when You’re uncertain of the ones You choose.

Did you hear that, People?! God is not ever, NEVER uncertain or doubtful of ME, the one He has divinely chosen! He’s sure of His calling of me as a mom and as His child and as His love giver to others and as a carer of His children and as a lame teacher who isn’t sure about what life is. How many times do I ask Him if I’m truly the one He meant to call for this current task? Umm, about a hundred times a day! There is not one day that He is uncertain of the one He has chosen. So, first lesson down for the day.

#2 – “Mercy triumphs over judgment. . . He’s making all things beautiful.” The wonderful circus we brought into church this morning, while it looks just like that to me, I believe God was telling me that He saw beauty. There is no judgment from us with this family. Life happens outside of our control. We are called to help, not to judge. My husband has always been a firm advocate for that way of thinking, even when I struggle. God’s mercy was present today in church and in me, not judgment. God is making this whole thing beautiful, and I will keep fighting for the beauty to shine despite the lies of the devil.

And God, like He always does, tells me what I need to hear to keep going and keep working for His Kingdom. I need His reassurance so much. It makes me feel weak and inadequate. It makes me think that He doesn’t know who He just picked to help others. But this song, the bridge says “I will wake and spend my days loving the One who has raised me up from death to life, from wrong to right. . . “

I can do no less than to spend my waking hours living a life worthy of His high calling of mothering anyone and everyone who needs it. Whether I believe it or not, that is clearly what He has called me to. It makes for weird conversations and real-life messiness and lots more diapers than I anticipated while following Jesus. It means grieving with kids and parents at the outlook of life. It means showing my boys what Jesus’ hands and feet look like. It means I’m exhausted a lot. It means my time with my husband must be meaningful because it is brief. It means that we don’t have much extra of anything around here. It means that there is always something else to clean. It means that we are living in the middle of God’s plan and our home is full of laughter and we see God’s provision constantly.

He’s making all things beautiful.

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