With life being as busy as it is these days, this is the best way to spread our ‘Christmas card greetings’!

Many people have been reading our blog, but most of our posts talk about the emotional, introspective side of our life. Here are some actual happenings from this year at the Sampson Circus:

  • We took a trip to California in June to visit our best friends! We spent 2 weeks enjoying time off and touring many part of L.A.
  • Two of the boys in our home were able to visit Michigan with us! Showing them all around the Great Mitten State was memorable for all of us!
  • As y’all have read about, some of the boys we were closest to moved away this year. We still think of them often, and pray that God is keeping them safe.
  • We’ve given Phoebe Jane 65 too many baths from all the pond swimming and mud rolling she’s done!
  • We moved from our townhouse into a Thornwell owned home. No more apartment living for us, and we’re loving it!
  • I (Heidi) got to be on the Ellen Show in November! It was a great trip with 2 of my best friends!
  • Jonathon renewed his Paramedic license, and is now a certified CPR instructor. He plans to get his Paramedic license in SC soon!
  • We have started the paperwork for our “Foster-to-Adopt” license in South Carolina. We feel that we need to be ready for when God gives us a ‘go ahead’ for adopting children. In our off time we’ve been attending classes and training. It sure has kept us extra busy!
  • Our baby, Phoebe Jane, will turn 2 the end of December! She is doing such a great job helping us wrangle all these boys! She even found a friend who lives in the cottage just across the yard!
  • We’ve now had about 40 kids come through Bryan Mac since the beginning of 2015

Lots has changed over the last 12 months, but our heart and calling for foster care has not! We know that Family Teaching may not be our job forever, but taking care of kids in foster care will be! There will be many changes in 2016, seen and unseen. We are praying for God’s direction as we enter this new year! 

We wish you all a Happy Holiday! Thank you for joining us on this emotional journey of working at Thornwell. We so greatly appreciate the feedback and encouragement you, as our readers, give to us! Our lives are proof that it truly does take a village to raise a child! 

Love, the Sampson’s 

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