Jonathon and I loved being able to share our passion and vision for foster care this month. A number of people have asked us how they can be involved when they can’t actually house children. There are many great organizations that can help with this! We’ve compiled a list of articles and sources to help you find out how to be a part of this ministry to hurting kids.

Lots of these organizations or websites aren’t exclusively for foster care, but kids who have been through multiple placements in this system are more likely to be homeless, unemployed, delinquent, trafficked for sex or drugs, kidnapped, raped, become teen parents. The list of things these kids are susceptible to is extensive. Sadly, the statistics are correct. The social problems and injustices kids without loving families experience is tragic. Helping them at any point along the way is still helping.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. Just ideas. Look into your own county, city, state for opportunities to help.

Organizations: Google these. Look them up. Find a need. Volunteer. Apply for a job. Pray for their work.

The Forgotten Initiative. Show Hope. Love 146. Together We Rise. Royal Family Kids Camps. National Foster Care Coalitions. AdoptUSkids. Heart Gallery of America. Thornwell Home for Children. All In Orphan Care. Amazima. Arrow Foundation. Youth for Christ. Dave Thomas Foundation. CASA.

These are national companies, but look locally at food banks, teen pregnancy centers, abused women’s shelters, state department of social services (child protective services), state department of juvenile justice

Information: These are articles and facts for more about the foster care system and its effects.

While we understand that our position on involvement with foster care is more extreme than most, we know without a doubt that God wants His people to be a voice for the voiceless. There are many ways to step around the real questions, but honestly, what are you doing for God’s children? Is your life comfortable and convenient? Because that is NOT what God calls us to. It is messy and awkward and confusing and emotional and a long process. It will change your perspective, schedule, priorities, and whole life. But if we don’t stand up to help, who will?

If you need more information or help finding a plan to partake in this cause, please contact us! We would love to help!

I’ve enjoyed having the excuse of posting things daily to challenge people in this area. While it won’t be as often, I will continue to preach the importance of this commission to care for God’s children!

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